General Construction Methods

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Basic Construction

  • Platform and wall framing
    • Platform Framework
    • Wall Framework
  • Insulation, walls, ceilings and floors
    • Fiberglass batting
    • Foamed-in
    • Rigid
    • Foamed, undercoated chassis
  • Wall construction/electrical rough-in
    • Riveted
    • C-panel
    • Expandable
    • Electrical rough-in
  • Wall finishes
    • Commercial Carpeting
    • Painted Metal
    • Fiberglass reinforced paneling (FRP)
  • Ceilings, ceiling finishes and lighting
    • Standard insulated ceiling with surface mount fluorescent lighting
    • Standard insulated ceiling with track lighting
    • Acoustical tile ceiling with surface mount fluorescent lighting
    • Drop acoustical ceiling with recessed fluorescent lighting
  • Floors and floor finishes
    • Raised computer/computer tiles
    • Standard plywood over metal with vinyl or rubberized safety tread finish
  • Doors, military and commercial
    • Basic construction
    • Double doors
    • Single doors
    • Tri-fold doors
    • With perimeter plate and bellows
    • Special purpose
  • Electrical/electronic components
    • Meter panels
    • Load centers
    • Automatic transfer switch
    • Control panels
    • Input power connectors/cable feedthrough panels
  • Step assemblies, ladders and roof decks
    • Slide-out step assemblies
    • Detachable/storable step assemblies
    • Fold-up step assemblies
    • Roof ladders, stationary and fold-up
    • Roof decks and safety rails
  • Exterior storage boxes
    • Under-shelter belly boxes
    • Tow vehicle/Between cab and shelter
  • Miscellaneous construction features
    • Awnings & Canopies
    • Gas bottle storage
    • Removable equipment storage

Equipment Installations

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